A few info about this website.


The frontend is built with React. I'm most used to Angular, but this framework is quite definitely more lightweight and probably easier to work with.

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In order to get ahead with styling and because I did not want to start from scratch, I opted for Bootstrap v5 over other CSS libraries for simplicity. Quick and easy to setup.

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An open-source headless CMS that handles all the content here. It fully supports GraphQL which works really well with the Angular components architecture. On top of that, it is lightning fast compared to page-centered CMS and handles authorizations perfectly.

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The banners I use have been made using BGJar. This amazing website allows you to generate various svg and apply them as background or images. Shoutout to the creator of this website!

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Most of the images for my articles and blog posts come from unsplash which is a website that I can only recommend.

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This website is static so it can run easily on a serverless infrastructure. Everything that is backend is run via Azure functions.

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