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Here's the latest website I have made for for Chloe who just started her profesional activity as a transformational coach. With ~350 Ko the goal was to make this website as ecological as possible while keeping all the features of a traditional CMS website including Live preview.

Published on August 2 2022


Here's a website I have made for a couple of lovely people that have a farm in the region of Cotentin in France living from permaculture, carpentry and hosting a bed & breakfast. This is the first website I implemented whose purpose was to have a low carbon footprint without any provisioned server.

Published on April 30 2021

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Published on August 12 2022
Medium post illustration

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Published on June 4 2022
Strapi + Gatsby with ACI

[Serverless architecture #3] Gatsby/Strapi with Live preview capability in a serverless architecture

Published on June 18 2022